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Cyber Security


• Access control mechanism

• Antispyware software

• Antivirus software

• Password Protection

• Cyber Security is a wide field to include much more...


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Cyber Security


Internet users need to be aware of the different ways hackers attempt to steal data. Skilled, determined hackers can break, enter and succeed within minutes. Other times, they spend days or weeks establishing backdoors and fortifying their positions inside your network. Some of the ways hackers steal your information are:

  • Phishing ,
  • Spoofing ,
  • Denial of Service ,
  • Trojan Horse , or 
  • Malware


Ways to Prevent Attacks

You can increase your chances of avoiding cyber risks by setting up the proper controls. The following are things you can do to protect yourself, your family, and your property before a cyber incident occurs.

  • Only connect to the Internet over secure, password -protected networks.
  • Do not click on links or pop-ups, open attachments, or respond to emails from strangers.
  • Do not respond to online requests for Personally Identifiable Information (PII); most organizations – banks, universities, companies, etc. – do not ask for your personal information over the Internet.
  • Password protect all devices that connect to the Internet and user accounts.


Ethical Solution provides Cyber Security Solution often includes :-

Access control mechanism :  Security measures designed to detect and deny unauthorized access and permit authorized access to an information system or a physical facility.

Antispyware software : A program that specializes in detecting and blocking or removing forms of spyware.

Antivirus software : A program that monitors a computer or network to detect or identify major types of malicious code and to prevent or contain malware incidents. Sometimes by removing or neutralizing the malicious code.

Providing authenticity


and it is a wide field to include much and much more....





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Ethical Solution - IT service at one Step






CCTV Camera Installation & Service


• Bullet Camera

• Night Vision Camera

• Dome Camera

• Spy Camera

• IP Camera





Software Management


• Web & Window base applications

• Using Java, C, C++

• Microsoft .Net



• PHP, VB &much more.